One Pro

4K Player. Server . Video / Audio

Morpheus One Pro Server with built-in 4K player

is designed for the discerning consumer and larger installations that demand more zones and higher quality.
We took our Pro and completely revamped the software to produce an all in one 4K media experience.
Inas Azzam
CTO of MorpheusAV
The Morpheus One Pro is an all in one server and player that streams and plays all HD video formats in 4K, 1080P and HD audio. It is designed for versatile performance and fast playback.
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With a built-in player it plays all content streamed to it internally or from an external Server.
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24 / 7 Health Monitering
Morpheus provides a Freemium service with every Pro sold. We will monitor the health of the server no matter where it is as long as it's connected to the internet.
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We will send you an advanced alert if the system runs hot, storage is near capacity, the system is out memory or if the health of the hard drives is failing so that you're always one step ahead.
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Using the GUI based web administrator, adding your content from a NAS a snap. Now you can stream all your content from your local network with no limitations.
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No License Fee
Add as many NAS drives as you like at no cost.
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Five Zone Audio
Powerful music server capable of playing local and online content including many favorite streaming apps including Deezer, Tidal, Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora and Tune-In Radio just to name a few.*
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For Professionals
The Morpheus One Pro is designed for the professional with remote administration and integration into major Home Automation Systems.
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