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Morpheus is a high quality server/player media capture, storage and distribution platform.

We focus on delivering high end solutions for the professionals and the descerning
Inas Azzam
CTO of MorpheusAV
Our Line is focused on professionals, dealers, installers and audio/video enthusiasts. With high capacity built in storage, Morpheus can be standalone or integrate into existing home automation system.
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The client & server architecture is optimized & specifically configured for Multi Zone High Definition Video & Audio delivery
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24 / 7 Health Monitoring
Morpheus provides a Freemium service with every Music, Pro and Grand. We will monitor the health of the server no matter where it is as long as it's connected to the internet.
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We will send you an advanced alert if the system runs hot, storage is near capacity, the system is out memory or if the health of the hard drives is failing so that you're always one step ahead.
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Adding a NAS to our server has never been easier. All GUI based web administrator makes adding your content from a NAS a snap.
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No License Fee
Add as many NAS drives as you like at no cost.
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MorpheusAV devices use ExHBR Technology (Extreme High Bit Rate) streaming at speeds of up to 100Mbps.
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Little Black Boxes
Most of the little black boxes (ATV, Roku, FireTV) are only capable of streaming at 10Mbps limiting the kind of media they can play. MorpheusAV never compromises on size.
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